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Cellulose Injection for Walls

If you’re looking to tighten up your walls, prevent air leakage, or add sound-proofing, then injecting cellulose into the wall cavities is a great way to do it. By filling the hollow spaces in your walls with insulation, you’ll seal leaks, prevent moisture damage, and keep rodents and other pests at bay.

With cellulose injection, we fill every wall with dense-packed cellulose until it reaches a uniform density of 3.5 pounds per cubic foot. We call this “dense-packed” because it tightly fills the spaces in your walls.

This is important because, by tightly filling up every crack and crevice, we can guard against leaks. This includes air leakage, which is when the air in your walls is able to freely intermingle with the air in your homes. This can transmit dust, allergens, and pollutants into your household – and can cost you lots of money in terms of lost energy.

Filling your walls with cellulose injection also prevents moisture from forming inside of them. Moisture in walls is bad news – it can lead to water damage, and even mold or mildew. These are all expensive problems to fix, which is why prevention is the best cure.

Another nasty problem that can occur within your walls is infestation. If your walls aren’t tightly packed with insulation, they’re a prime target for rodents, insects, and other types of vermin. These pests can easily move through loosely-packed insulation, setting up their homes and causing a host of problems. Our cellulose insulation is packed so tightly that they can’t establish a foothold, and you stop the problem before it starts.

At Insta-Insulation, we use Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose injection, which is the top-of-the-line option for cellulose insulation. It’s an exciting product because it allows you to give your walls the same high-level insulation that you’d give your attic or ceiling, and it can fit in any stud cavity.

Homeowners love the Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose system because installing it is such a breeze. Our expert technicians can quickly tighten your walls with high-performance cellulose, so you don’t have to put your life on hold while you wait for your house to be upgraded. Also, it’s an extremely clean process, with no toxic fumes or particles to worry about.

Another reason why Igloo 360 HD™ is so popular is due to the energy savings that you’ll experience once it’s installed. Most homeowners save around 25% a year on their heating and cooling costs – a number which means the insulation can pay for itself in as little as 3 years.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of having better-insulated walls, call Insta-Insulation today. Our experts can give you a free quote and guide you through the process, which is incredibly simple and hassle-free.

Don’t spend another day wondering what’s in your walls. With Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose injection, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with safe, energy-efficient insulation.