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Thermal Imaging

The Hot Spot Hot Shots

If you’ve ever scanned a home through a thermal imager you know it’s easy to feel like a robot from the future: a terminator as it were. At least that’s how we like to think of ourselves – terminators of high energy bills!

It’s a complex technology that drives a really simple process, which in turn, enables a simple solution.

Operating in the infrared portion of the spectrum, an infrared imager “sees” and displays heat and represents it for us on the visual spectrum. This means an imager pointed at a home shows us where hot and cold areas are.

Hotter areas show as red. Cooler areas show as blue. Seeing a home in this way allows us to pinpoint problem areas where the indoor and outdoor temperatures are bridging across the building envelope (bridging is just a fancy construction-industry way to say leaking).

Informed Investment

While the value of optimizing the sealing and insulation of a building envelope is a no-brainer when it comes to hedging against the increasing costs of heating and cooling a home, thermal imaging can provide peace-of-mind about moving forward with the insulation investment. It also provides strategic insight for the installer, who can use information from the test to optimize the cost-effectiveness of and long-term performance of the install.

It is arguably the very best way to identify holes in the envelope and other potential problem areas where heat (and heat is money!) is escaping from your home.

Specifically it provides tactical information about:

  • Thermal bridges (areas that are less insulated than others, such as holes, cracks, thinner areas of insulation that “bridge” interior and exterior temperatures)
  • Poorly insulated walls
  • Draught locations
  • The efficiency of windows and doors
  • Leaks (helping be proactive on mold issues )

To optimize your envelope’s performance as a heat and moisture barrier that defends against the triple threat of moisture (mold), decreasing home value and high utility bills, thermal imaging – especially when coupled with a blower door

test is the tactical analysis tool of choice.

And make no mistake. At today’s energy prices, this is war.

Seize a tactical advantage and contact Insta-Insulation, the name trusted by names people trust: names like Mike Holmes and Bryan Baeulmer. Your own personal terminator is standing by.

Asta la vista baby.