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Cellulose Injection

When installing insulation in the walls of new construction, Ontario contractors rely on Insta-Insulation to provide the best solution for their client’s needs. With our Igloo 360 HD™ system, you’ll quickly recognize the difference cellulose injection makes in acoustics and overall performance of the newly installed insulation in the walls of the new home or building.

When walls aren’t properly insulated, they’re more likely to experience heat loss, and other unwanted issues that include:

  • Higher energy costs
  • Unwanted drafts
  • Increase condensation within the wall cavity
  • Mold and mildew growth

Benefits of cellulose injection

With its impressive R-Value and air-tight installation, our Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose injection system tightens up the walls in the new home or building, ensuring that the new homeowner will enjoy a comfortable home with maximum energy efficiency.

With Igloo 360 HD™, contractors can more evenly fill the stud cavities with densely-packed cellulose insulation. This tightens up your walls and prevents air leakage, heat loss, and mold and mildew growth from ever occurring.

The Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose injection system also improves the acoustics of the new home. Our contractors consistently tell us that there is a noticeable difference in the acoustics as soon as the cellulose injection process is complete. Finally, the cleanup process following cellulose injection is quick and easy because the process does not allow for any dust or toxic fumes to be released into the air.

How does cellulose injection compare with batt insulation in walls?

Ontario contractors prefer cellulose injection over batt insulation for the following reasons:

  • Cellulose injection is easier to install
  • Cellulose injection provides for a tighter install
  • With 3.5 pounds of pressure, cellulose injection fills stud cavities completely and uniformly.
  • Cellulose injection

The Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose insulation injection system is our top choice for wall insulation because of its superior performance and high cost-effectiveness. Once you’ve installed into the walls of your new construction, you’ll quickly take note of the differences in acoustic performance and the ability of the walls to retain heat or air conditioned air.

Homeowners will also notice the difference as well on their energy bill, where they’ll save up to 25% on energy costs annually.

Make the wise choice and consider our Igloo 360 HD™ cellulose injection system for your new construction’s wall insulation needs. Call Insta-Insulation today for your free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll help you to decide which wall insulation option is right for your needs.