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Blown Insulation

As an Ontario contractor working on a renovation or new construction, choosing the right blown insulation to tighten up walls, ceilings, the attic, and other spaces is essential to ensuring the overall satisfaction of your client. It could also impact your profitability and even your efficiency in completing a project.

Whether you’re working on a commercial project, or new home construction where blown insulation is the preferred insulation solution, you’ll likely choose between the two most popular blown insulation options: cellulose and fiberglass. At Insta-Insulation, we recommend installing Climatizer Plus blown cellulose insulation on all of our projects.

Benefits of Blown Cellulose Insulation

It is energy efficient: With its higher R-Value, Climatizer Plus blown insulation is more effective than its fiberglass alternative, providing your client with a more energy-efficient, and comfortable home. It is the perfect choice to fill in and tighten attics, walls, and other voids to prevent energy loss, in both homes and larger buildings.

Quick installation and cleanup: As a contractor, you know that time is money, and the quicker your new construction or renovation has its insulation needs taken care of, the quicker you can complete the project. With blown cellulose insulation, the installation process is quick and easy, and the cleanup process is even easier.

It saves your clients’ money: Air leakage through attics, and cracks in walls and joists can account for as much as 40% of a building’s energy loss. By installing Climatizer Plus blown insulation, you’ll tighten the areas susceptible to cracks. That means that the blown insulation will prevent air from leaking out, keeping your clients’ homes more comfortable. Your clients will save money on the energy bills, and their furnace and air conditioning units will work less hard as a result. We don’t have to tell you that the more energy efficient a client’s home is, the happier they’ll be with the end result.

Cellulose insulation is environmentally friendly: Blown cellulose insulation is made mostly of 100% recycled newspaper, making it a great eco-friendly insulation solution.

It prevents mold: Because cellulose is made mostly of recycled newspaper, it can get wet. However, cellulose insulation is able to dry itself up. It takes in moisture, and then releases it into the air, preventing it from developing mold issues in your attic. That means that you won’t have to overly stress the effects of exposure to the elements during construction.

It prevents insects, rodents, and other vermin: Cellulose insulation also contains highly safe boric acid, which not only helps to prevent mold, but it also is used to deter insects and other vermin. That means that you and the home or building owner won’t have to worry about vermin infiltrating and nesting in the installed blown cellulose installation.

It helps to control fires: Because cellulose insulation is treated with a fire retardant when manufactured, and densely packed in during installation, it is very effective at controlling fires.

If your client is interested in the benefits offered by Climatizer Plus blown insulation, contact Insta-Insulation today. One of our experts will go over your individual situation and needs with you, and provide you with a free quote and personalized insulation recommendation.