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"Whenever I need insulation work done on my shows or for my construction company, it’s Insta I call." ~ Bryan Baeumler

Are we going to find out down the road that it is toxic and need to have it removed?

Always hire a contractor who will install CCMC evaluated products (Canadian Construction Materials Centre). When a product has a CCMC number it means it has been tested by our gov’t.   There has never been a recall on products with a CCMC number. No UFI product or asbestos product has ever had a CCMC number.  Spray foam or polyurethane foam have been around for almost 70 years.  We find it in everything from mattresses to vehicles, it is all around us.  Spray foam in your home must be covered by a thermal barrier like drywall as spray foam is plastic and when it burns it lets of black smoke similar to carpet and drapes.