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What is the difference between fiberglass batt insulation and spray polyurethane foam insulation for basement insulation purposes?

Although fiberglass batt insulation is cheaper than all other insulation materials it is also the least effective. Being that it is made up of glass and a bunch of air, it allows air and moisture to move through it freely. When moisture reaches the colder concrete walls it condenses and water runs down the wall.  When it reaches the bottom it rots out the bottom plate.  The increased moisture content will also contribute to the drywall getting wet and mold growing on the drywall.  Spray foam insulation on the other hand does not allow air to travel through it and does not have an air space that will allow condensation to occur and contribute to mold growth and rot.  Spray foam is more efficient, will never need to be replace and is a healthier choice then old traditional non effective fiberglass batt insulation.