What to look for in an Insulation Contactor

Yes, there are times when hot air isn’t a good thing

It’s smart to contract a spray foam insulation expert. While DIY has its appeal, going with a pro not only saves time and money, it also prevents costly mistakes and liability.  It also increases the performance of the install, which saves you even more money over the long-term. But be careful out there. Just like any other business, the insulation industry has its fair share of less-than-scrupulous spray foam contractors; and while you’re right to want to keep hot air in your envelope – you definitely don’t want it in a pitch from an insulation company.

There are a lot of options; and choosing the right insulation contractor and the right products can be a daunting affair. Here are some warning signs to watch for:

  • The insulation company doesn’t have a web presence. In this day and age, any professional service should have a website. And that website should convey essential information, such as certifications, liability insurance, detailed product choices, fleet size and customer testimonials.
  • The insulation company doesn’t seem to have any other customers. It always makes sense to talk to people who have used a company or to ask the insulation contractor for references. If those aren’t forthcoming, it’s not a good sign.
  • The insulation company pushes soy spray foam insulation and other gimmicks. Generally speaking, soy spray foam insulation is greenwashing. Question the credibility of insulation contractors who push it. More on that here.
  • There’s something dodgy about how the insulation contractor executes the blower door test: While blower door tests are a legitimate way to check the integrity of your envelope, it is also an old scammer standby: someone opens a window in the attic and rigs the test against you.

It is unfortunate that there are people out there who will take advantage of the good economical and ecological sense it makes to install insulation. But there are good, reliable honest insulation companies as well. Here is a checklist that helps you determine who they are:

  • They offer a polished, informative web site. It may seem like a superficial thing – but if an insulation company is cheap about informing their prospects and clients… well… what else are they scrimping on? Besides a good company should want to help you make informed decisions.
  • They offer a polished, professional presence in person. Same idea here. Clean, working trucks, tidy uniforms and polite staff says something about the insulation contractor. If they invest in themselves, that says they care about their reputation. And if they care about their reputation, that says they care about the kind of work they do (probably because they know it’s how they get people to speak highly of them)
  • They are proactive about sharing their customers’ experiences. Testimonials are front-and-centre. Nothing says you’ll be a satisfied customer like… other satisfied customers!
  • They partner with – and are endorsed by – other reputable contractors. The best of the best don’t serve ketchup with their filet mignon! If a contractor that’s known for being fair and doing great work vouches for the insulation company you’re considering, that’s a good sign.
  • They are responsive and accommodating during the assessment and quoting process. They go out of their way to help you become a customer. Then they go out of their way to make you happy so you will help get them other customers.
  • They are up-front about the products, technology and processes they use. Spray foam insulation can be a complex topic characterized by a wide range of product options and processes. Transparency and accountability are important. Look for an insulation company that strives to inform, not just it’s customers, but also its prospects.
  • They demonstrate sufficient technical competence and resources. You will want minimal fuss, muss, and interruption of your home life. Make sure your insulation contractor, not only knows what they are doing, but also offers advantages like in-house equipment maintenance and a substantial fleet and resources. If there’s a hitch, back up should be just a phone call away.
  • They demonstrate up-to-the-minute knowledge. Insulation technology is always moving forward. Regulations are always changing. Sometimes new grants and financing options just became available. You don’t want to end up paying tomorrow’s prices for yesterday’s offering. And finally the bog three…
  • They have all the relevant licenses, certifications and qualifications
  • They can demonstrate substantial experience
  • They answer your questions

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The forgotten area of your home – your attic insulation

The forgotten area of your home could be could be a costly mistake. Your home’s Attic should be inspected every couple of years. Here are a few key things to look for when inspecting an attic and attic insulation.


Attic Insulation Means Energy Savings

You pay top dollar to heat your house. So, the thought of precious heat cascading up through your ceiling into the heavens should be a perpetual source of irritation. When you have less than ideal attic insulation, you are literally burning money. And it’s just as bad in the summer. Less than ideal attic insulation means you are not keeping the heat out. Definitely not cool.

In terms of home insulation and energy savings, your attic needs to be top priority.


Air Sealing

Hot air – this winter, you want your house full of it. But where you don’t want it, is in a pitch from an insulation company.

Sealing your attic is an ideal way to optimize your Return On Insulation Investment. But buyer beware – it is also the service most exploited by some insulation companies to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. It’s important to know how the process works in order to be sure that your not getting burned.


Breaking the Mold

Impacting both quality of life and quality of property, mold is a persistent threat to homeowners everywhere. According to the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) mold can cause.

“…nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. People with mold allergies may have more severe reactions. Immune-compromised people and people with chronic lung illnesses, such as...