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"Whenever I need insulation work done on my shows or for my construction company, it’s Insta I call." ~ Bryan Baeumler

Imagine! An Insulation Company that “Warms” Things Up.

I have always been very proud of running an insulation installation company. Not just because I help people keep more of their money. Not just because I install a product that helps mitigate the effects of climate change and preserve our planet’s increasingly precious energy resources. While certainly, these are good reasons to be proud of the business I’m in, neither of them are the main reason.

Making people happy — that is why I love this industry. Insulation makes people happy because it makes people comfortable. Warm in the winter. Cool in the summer.  Comfortable.

When I think of cozy Christmas gatherings or a wedding shower in June – at perfect room temperature with perfect humidity – I smile and I feel like what I do is truly worthwhile in all the ways that really matter. It is a sentiment that is summed up by our company tagline, “Smart Comfort”.

So, as we boldly set out into the online world to spread the message about the economical and ecological virtues of insulation done right, I feel it is important to meet people on their terms, in a way that is, well… comfortable.

At Insta-Insulation, where people welcome us into their homes every day, we want the (sometimes educational, sometimes promotional) materials we create to make you feel right at home as well.

From this blog, which will be updated monthly, and informational articles posted on our website to social media and videos like our smash hit 50 Shades of Purple,  it is our intention to be exactly the kind of company an insulation business should be: cool, warm and engaging in a way that makes you enjoy where you are – and who you’re with.

In the coming weeks and months, I hope we will become acquainted, and that you will learn more about different facets of the insulation business and the benefits it offers to you personally, to our planet, and to future generations.

In the same way I would like you to feel like a guest in my own home, I feel it best to dispense with stilted and stuffy business-babble and artificial pleasantries.

I have always felt that getting down to business goes best when everyone feels they are in good company – and maybe even has a little fun.

Here’s to “Smart Comfort”.