Mississauga Vermiculite Testing

Vermiculite Insulation has become the focal point of many real estate deals over the past few years in Mississauga. The home inspection process has been doing a good job identifying attics with vermiculite insulation present in Mississauga. It is important that Home Buyers understand what Vermiculite Insulation is, as they need to know if it is contaminated with Asbestos. Vermiculite is mined from the earth and heated to create the insulation - but when it was mined in Libby Montana it may contain Amphibole Asbestos. Libby at one point supplied the majority of the world market for vermiculite-based insulation.

Asbestos fibers are linked to Asbestosis - scaring of the lungs which leads to a cancer called Mesothelioma. Both Asbestosis and Mesothelioma are incurable and in most cases terminal. Therefore it is important that when removing it there is no chance of cross contamination with your home. Insta Insulation along with Canada's Restoration Services use a process that will ensure there is no cross contamination with your home in Mississauga. Insta Insulation and Canada's Restoration Services will involve 3rd party testing to ensure your health and safety.

Once your Vermiculite insulation containing Asbestos has been safely removed, Insta Insulation can bring your attic to current code insulation levels or provide air sealing solutions and insulation that provides higher rates of payback forever in Mississauga.

Insta Insulation has been in business for over 20 years. Insta insulation is the Official Insulation Contractor for Mike Holmes of Holmes Inspections and Holmes on Holmes. Insta Insulation is also the insulation contractor of choice for Bryan Baeumler of Disaster DIY, House of Bryan and Leave it to Bryan. Bryan has used Insta Insulation to remove Vermiculite Insulation from his projects in the past.

Your family's health and safety are top priority at Insta Insulation. Call Insta Insulation for a free attic insulation inspection today. We are your affordable choice for Insulation Removals, and Vermiculite Insulation Removals containing Asbestos in Mississauga.

Mississauga is one of the top ten most populous municipalities and is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and in the Regional Municipality of Peel, and is in the western part of the GTA. It was developed as a suburb of Toronto and believe it or not it is debt free and has been since 1978. Foreign Direct Investment Magazine predicts it to place in the top five of ‘large cities of the future’. Mississauga is a very outgoing city as it hosts over 60 free events to bring people to the city. It also has its own OHL team called the St. Michaels Majors, and has many more sports venues. There are many development areas in Mississauga which is great for people who work downtown Toronto, and helps the residents who have been there for a long time to see there city continuously grow. The team on Insta-Insulation has been there every step of the way upgrading insulation and helping new home owners insulate their basements.

The Mississauga, Ontario City Hall is located at 300 City Centre Dr. Mississauga ON L5B 3C1

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